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Kenpo Zen


  • There are three ways you can walk the path of life; follow others down the path, walk beside someone or create your own path for others to follow.


  • Basic principle in locks; increased distance means decreased control, decreased distance means increased control.


  • When learning do it with commitment and slow, but keeping the flow.


  • Like natural evolution seeking better survival traits so should you in your martial arts training.


  • The meaning of life is to have a meaning in life.


  • Today is tomorrow which I was so afraid of yesterday.


  • If you miss the block you might end up in shock.


  • If you are the one who´s left you did it right, but when nothing goes right, go left.


Studie i anatomi

För att ytterligare effektivisera din träning så kan du studera anatomi för att öka din förståelse för hur du bäst neutraliserar en angripare.

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